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WordPress is a powerful communications, organizational, and presentation tool.  To it, you can add various plugins or widgets which are programs or scripts that provide additional functionality to your site.  You can also embed various technologies in your pages, such as YouTube videos, Prezi presentations, RSS feeds from others, etc.

Putting your notes or project information in a WP site means that you can take advantage of the WP site Search function, so that you can search for key words in your postings.

  • Install the portable version of Firefox browser on a USB (flash drive) stick.
    • Include the Mobile Barcoder plugin so that it is easy to create QR codes for pages, any links on pages, or selected text to share during a presentation.
  • Rip audio from selected videos to decrease the “bandwidth” usage of serving your pages.
  • Use “text to audio” software to make audio copies of text on your site.  Deliver your content via multiple media formats.
  • Create an ePortfolio site shell and export it so that others can easily make a copy of it for themselves.
  • Develop an online textbook using a WP site.
  • Poll your students by embedding a Polldaddy poll in your post, or use Socrative to poll in real-time instead of purchasing “clickers”.

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