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Video Welcome via YouTube

Here is the video I created using my Chromebook and publishing directly to YouTube.

and here is the video I took with my Cannon camera while I was recording the video on my Chromebook.

NOTES: My Cannon camera created my video in AVI format, which is an old type of video which creates a large file. I can normally attach my camera to my Windows 7 office PC with a USB cable to download images and videos, but that cable does not work on my Chromebook. So, I have to pull out the SD card from the camera and put it into the SD port on my Chromebook. From there, I can copy image and video files to the Downloads section of my Chromebook. I then go to my YouTube Channel site, and upload the AVI file to YouTube. I think YouTube re-formats the AVI video into the MP4 format, which is smaller file. *I then put the link to that video in my posting, and WP automatically embedded the video(s).

If you time it just right, you can play both videos so that I am saying the same thing on both videos at the same time.

ADDENDUM:  Apparently, I deleted the video I had recorded from the Chromebook (blue shirt), but you get the idea.  I did add one of the first videos I created with the Chromebook while in my car.


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